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The Company

Teurema, originally part of the Eurolls Group, was specialized in design and manufacture of equipment for the production of ribbed wire for the construction industry. Their full range of equipment is now produced under the name Eurolls and can be seen at


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One-two-three drafts cold rolling lines for production of cold rolled ribbed wire in the size range 3.40-12.00 mm

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Single block cold rolling/stretching line for production of cold rolled wire in the size range 4.00-16.00 mm and hot rolled stretched high ductility wire in the size range 6.00- 16.00 mm

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Various types of take up for the cold rolling/stretching lines, vertical and horizontal spoolers, with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic production

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Sales and Production
Wire Machinery Division

Via Strada di Salt, 66
33047 Remanzacco (UD)

Tel (+39) 0432 796511
Fax (+39) 0432 796587